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The 2012 Movie Analysis

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The 2012 film, an edge-of-your-seat, mindless escapism made by veteran apocalypse manager Roland Emmerich, although of inferior plot structure and underdeveloped characters, is the best thrill for anyone who likes to find that the ground smattered into tiny pieces or individuals running desperately to get their lives that are insignificant. It’s plenty of sweet candy, plenty of logical assumptions, and tons of goings-on that maintain the whole picture moving ’til the finish. It is not implemented at its finest, however, and though the degree of destruction is a lot bigger and much more dreadful than what we have ever seen earlier, this does not compensate for the incapacity of this film to deliver a solid narrative gomovies.


The film was criticized negatively due to the reasons above a great deal of occasions, however, and this guide isn’t going to bash the film any farther. It mashes up all of the general theories concerning 2012, also introduces potential outcomes and alternatives to save not just humankind, but its merits and its own long-recorded history. Here’s an inventory of what happened from the 2012 film that may also happen in the real 2012 apocalypse:

1) The international devastation of the film relies on the “Earth’s Crust Displacement Theory” and in the film, it is said that neutrinos are exploding within the planet’s heart, inducing the crusts to become rapidly displaced. The neutrino explosion is subsequently allegedly brought on by the peaking of these solar flares at sunlight.

2) In 2010, global leaders start a massive, covert project meant to guarantee humankind’s survival, by constructing futuristic arks developed to hold 400,000 individuals. Extra funds for the project is increased by selling tickets to the private sector for $1 billion each individual, effectively cutting off the odds of majority of individuals to endure.

3) From 2011 they begin to covertly move humankind’s valuable treasures beneath the guise of protecting them against terrorist attacks, like the Mona Lisa, to conserve humanity’s background too

Huge buildings have been destroyed, bridges have been divided in 2, important cities are literally broken in bits.

6) Yellowstone Caldera, a volcano in the united states, erupts, delivering substantial igneous stones skyrocketing from the air, including meteors and asteroids.

8) The arks rescue the men and women who fortunately got in. The water levels recede, fresh lifestyles are starting and a new culture and world order is made.

If yIf you seem past the inefficacy of this 2012 film to reveal great narrative material that may match its amazing cinematography, the founders indeed have left a future which isn’t far from that which we, as a species, are all bound to perform exactly so we are able to survive. The arks are extremely welcome choices if ever those harmful events happen, particularly the mega tsunami. Nonetheless, these aren’t the only things which could occur in December 21, 2012 – we must take into consideration the radiations, asteroids, or other similar things are also called to take place, therefore we can not count within an ark to rescue us all.

At the most common sense, the 2012 film is merely a message to every one of our subconscious minds to become well prepared and be cautious even in the dreariest of minutes. We are people, and we’re gifted with the capacity to trust for the long run, to struggle for it. When and if the 2012 movie really comes from these screens and into our own lives, we will be ready, we will come out conquerors, we constantly do.



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